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Cameo Data Modeler plugin enables you to draw entity-relationship diagrams (using "crow's foot" notation). This is a full-featured variant of ER diagram (including extended entity-relationship concepts - like generalization), providing a spectrum of capabilities for logical data modeling. Additionally, this plugin provides enhancements for DDL diagrams - crow's foot notation for relationships and easy multiplicity specification.

To try the Cameo Data Modeler plugin, go to the Help menu and select the Resource/Plugin Manager to see the list of available plugins. Select the Cameo Data Modeler Plugin to download and install.

NOTE: The Cameo Data Modeler plugin is a separately purchasable add-on for MagicDraw application (Standard, Professional, and Architect editions) and free for MagicDraw Enterprise edition.
The Cameo Data Modeler plugin replaces previous (free) Data Modeling Notations plugin, which had support for business entity-relationship diagram - a simplified variant of entity-relationship diagram, usable for high level, abstract, domain data modeling.




All Platforms Instructions

1. From the Help main menu in MagicDraw UML application, choose Resource/Plugin Manager. Check for available updates and new resources.
(Note: Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for connection to start MagicDraw UML updates and resources).
2. Select check box near the Cameo Data Modeler plugin and click Download/Install.
3. Restart MagicDraw UML.

If you already have CameoDataModeler_Plugin_<version number>.zip downloaded:

1. From the Help main menu in MagicDraw UML application, choose Resource/Plugin Manager.
2. Click the Import button to specify CameoDataModeler_Plugin_<version number>.zip file location. Plugin will be extracted and installed automatically.
3. Restart MagicDraw UML.

To apply CameoDataModeler_Plugin_<version number>.zip manually:

1. Download CameoDataModeler_Plugin_<version number>.zip.
2. Stop MagicDraw UML application.
3. Unzip downloaded file in the directory where MagicDraw is installed.
4. Start MagicDraw - Cameo Data Modeler plugin is applied to MagicDraw.

For Mac OS X users:
1. Copy the CameoDataModeler_Plugin_<version number>.zip file to the MagicDraw UML installation folder MagicDraw UML.
2. Using command line go to the MagicDraw UML folder.
3. Unzip CameoDataModeler_Plugin_<version number>.zip content.
4. Start MagicDraw - Cameo Data Modeler plugin is applied to MagicDraw.


Where to find more information or support?



The Cameo DataModelerPlugin UserGuide.pdf is located in the MagicDraw UML installation -> manual directory.

You can also download the Cameo DataModelerPlugin UserGuide.pdf manual from the

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