Cameo Data ModelerTM Plugin 18.4 

(Build ID: 20160713_1526-4e269562)

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Cameo Data Modeler plugin enables you to draw entity-relationship (ER) diagrams (using the "crow's foot" notation). This is a full-featured variant of an ER diagram (including extended entity-relationship concepts like a generalization), providing a spectrum of capabilities for logical data modeling. Additionally, this plugin provides enhancements for DDL diagrams: a crow's foot notation for relationships and easy multiplicity specification.

This plugin provides SQL database modeling / diagramming and DDL script generation / reverse features as well. It supports 11 flavors of databases (including Standard SQL, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), has separate type libraries for them, carries additional modeling extensions for Oracle databases and provides transformations from / to plain UML models as well as  from ER models. Cameo Data Modeler plugin has XML schema modeling / diagramming and schema file (*.xsd) generation / reversing features, and transformations from / to plain UML models can be performed.

NOTE: The Cameo Data Modeler plugin is a separately purchasable add-on for the MagicDraw application Standard and  Professional editions and free for the MagicDraw Enterprise and  Architect editions.
The Cameo Data Modeler plugin replaces the previous (free) Data Modeling Notations plugin, which had a support for business entity-relationship diagram, that is, a simplified variant of entity-relationship diagram, usable for the high level, abstract, domain data modeling.




All Platforms Instructions

  1. In the MagicDraw main menu, select Help > Resource/Plugin Manager. Check for available updates and new resources.
    (NOTE: Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for connection to start MagicDraw updates and resources).
  2. Select the Cameo Data Modeler plugin check box and click the Download/Install button.
  3. Restart MagicDraw after installation is completed.
If you already have CameoDataModeler_Plugin_<version number>.zip downloaded:
  1. In the MagicDraw main menu, select Help > Resource/Plugin Manager.
  2. Click the Import button to specify the CameoDataModeler_Plugin_<version number>.zip file location. The plugin will be extracted and installed automatically.
  3. Restart MagicDraw.

NOTE: For more information, see Installing and starting Cameo Data Modeler plugin.


Where to find more information or support?


Web page

To download the demo of this version and to get contact information please go to:

Knowledge base and new issue registration

We are awaiting your comments and suggestions. More than a half of the features of the current version added because our demo version users have requested them. Do not miss the chance to see your desired features in the future versions!


You can find user guides and tutorials stored in <MagicDraw installation directory>/manual or use MagicDraw Help. To open MagicDraw Help, on the Help menu click Help Contents.


After you have installed MagicDraw and Cameo Date Modeler plugin for MagicDraw, samples of Cameo Data Modeler projects can be found in the <MagicDraw installation directory>\samples\Data Modeling folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our website for FAQ at


Evaluation version limitations


If MagicDraw client has no expiration date, plugin evaluation version will be working for 7 days period after first installation.
If MagicDraw client has an expiration date, plugin evaluation version will be working until MagicDraw client version is expired.

IMPORTANT! Remember that plugin evaluation version depends on MagicDraw version. If you have MagicDraw demo version then you are allowed to save limited number of elements.

Contact your sales executive individually for the fully functional evaluation version.


Third party libraries


This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation ( and JIDE Software (