Cameo Requirements Modeling Plugin 19.0 SP1 

(Build ID: 20181104_1208-ad00fd70)

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Cameo Requirement Modeling Plugin provides a full support for model-based requirements engineering. It implements the requirements part of the OMG SysML standard. This plugin is designed to be used by systems engineers, enterprise architects, software engineers, business analysts, architects, and other users working with the requirements modeling. The plugin provides a means to import and manage requirements in the model. Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) makes the plugin open for collaborating with requirements among different requirement managing tools. With this plugin you are allowed for:




All operating systems

  1. In the MagicDraw main menu, select Help > Resource/Plugin Manager.
  2. Check for available updates and new resources.
    (NOTE: Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for the connection to start MagicDraw updates and resources).
  3. Select the check box near the Cameo Requirements Modeling plugin and click Download/Install.
  4. Restart MagicDraw.

If you already have Requirements_Modeling_Plugin_<version number>.zip downloaded:

  1. From the MagicDraw main menu, select Help > Resource/Plugin Manager.
  2. Click the Import button to specify the Requirement_Modeling_Plugin_<version number>.zip file location. The plugin will be extracted and installed automatically.
  3. Restart MagicDraw.

NOTE: For more information, see Installing and starting Cameo Requirements Modeler plugin.


Where to find more information or support?


Web page

To download the plugin and to get contact information, please go to:

Knowledge base and new issue registration

We are awaiting your comments and suggestions. More than a half of the features of the current version added because our demo version users have requested them. Do not miss the chance to see your desired features in the future versions!


You can find user guides and tutorials stored in <MagicDraw installation directory>/manual or use MagicDraw Help. To open MagicDraw Help, on the Help menu click Help Contents.


After you have installed MagicDraw and Cameo Requirements Modeling Plugin for MagicDraw, samples of requirements projects can be found in <MagicDraw installation directory>\samples\requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our website for FAQ at