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Cameo SOA+ leverages the Unified Modeling Language (UML) along with the latest SOA modeling standard, SoaML, to provide both architects and developers an integrated solution for creating optimal SOA architectures and implementations.

Cameo SOA+ combines 2 products – MagicDraw tool from No Magic and the ModelPro MDA tooling from, which is based on Eclipse tooling framework. This document describes only the MagicDraw plugin for Cameo SOA+, which provides customized modeling environment for creating SoaML-based models. This plugin is an optional product for MagicDraw, adding SoaML and ModelPro diagrams and modeling constructs for describing SOA architectures and implementations. To try the plugin, go to the Help menu and select the Resource/Plugin Manager to download and install.

Cameo SOA+ plugin for MagicDraw supports SOA profiles, stereotype customizations, custom diagrams, validation rules, template project, sample projects, and usability features for easier creation of SOA architectures.

Features in version 16.5 sp1

Features in version 16.5

Cameo SOA+ Samples

After you have installed MagicDraw and Cameo SOA+ plugin for MagicDraw, sample Cameo SOA+ project can be found in the samples directory in MagicDraw installation home.


Video tutorials on SoaML modeling with Cameo SOA+ and model provisioning and code generation with ModelPro toolkit can be found online.


Cameo SOA+ 17.0 plugin for MagicDraw is compatible with MagicDraw 17.0:




All Platforms Instructions

1. From the Help main menu in the MagicDraw application, click Resource/Plugin Manager. Check for available updates and new resources.
(Note: Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for connection to start MagicDraw updates and resources).
2. Select check box near the Cameo SOA+ and click Download / Install.
3. Restart MagicDraw application.

If you have already downloaded

1. From the Help main menu in MagicDraw application, click Resource/Plugin Manager.
2. Click the Import button to specify Cameo SOA+ Plugin file location. Plugin will be extracted and installed automatically.
3. Restart MagicDraw application.

To apply manually:

1. Download
2. Stop MagicDraw application.
3. Unzip downloaded file in the directory where MagicDraw is installed.

For Mac OS X users:
Copy the file to the MagicDraw installation folder. Then using command line go to the MagicDraw folder and unzip Cameo SOA+ plugin.


Where to find more information or support?


Web page

To download the demo version and to get contact information, please go to:

Note: You must add our news server to your server list before you can access this forum.

Knowledgebase and new issue registration

We are awaiting your comments and suggestions. More than a half of the features of the current version added because our demo version users have requested them. Do not miss the chance to see your desired features in the future versions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our website for FAQ at


Evaluation version limitation


If MagicDraw client has no expiration date, plugin evaluation version will be working for a 7 day period after first installation.
If MagicDraw client has an expiration date, plugin evaluation version will be working until MagicDraw client version expires.

Remember the plugin evaluation version depends on the MagicDraw version. If you have MagicDraw demo version, then you are allowed to save a limited number of elements.

Contact your sales executive directly for a fully functional evaluation version.


Third party libraries


This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation ( and JIDE Software (