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Last Updated: January 17th, 2008
About MagicRQ 14.0 sp2

What's new in MagicRQ 14.0 sp2

Installation Instructions

Issue Resolved with MagicRQ 14.0 sp2

Limitation of MagicRQ 14.0 sp2

Finding Out More

About MagicRQ 14.0 sp2
MagicRQ is a MagicDraw plugin, which creates the association between a MagicDraw model element and a requirement from the requirement tool. The latest version of MagicRQ supports IBM/Rational RequisitePro® and Telelogic DOORS® with additional features and bugs fixed from MagicRQ14.0.
MagicRQ14.0 sp2 works with MagicDraw Version 12.0 to 14.0.
What's New in MagicRQ 14.0 sp2

Performance improvements

sp2 fixes the performance issue during creating diagram.

Usability improvements

Association Type such as Sync/ No Sync shows in View Screen.

sp2 supports all of the association management functions in the MagicRQ Layout, Requirement Properties Panel. The following functions have been added to the Incoming/Outgoing Association List:

  • Clear Status
  • View Suspect
  • Overwrite
  • Delete
  • Sync/No Sync

Data Synchronization improvements

Requirement Text from SysML Requirement element always synchronizes with Object Text from DOORS Requirement.

The association owner overwrites the copy when changing the Association Type to Sync.

Creating Diagram improvements

Parent and child relationship of the requirements are copy to the SysML diagram as containment relationship of the SysML Requirement elements.

Installation Instructions

Install from MagicDraw

  1. From the Help main menu in the MagicDraw UML application, choose Resource/Plugin Manager. Check for available updates and new resources.
    (Note: Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for connection to start MagicDraw UML updates and resources).
  2. Select the check box near the MagicRQ Plugin and click Download/Install.
  3. Restart MagicDraw.

Install from Download

  1. From the Help main menu in MagicDraw UML application, choose Resource/Plugin Manager.
  2. Click the Import button to specify the MagicRQ Plugin file location. Plugin will be extracted and installed automatically.
  3. Restart MagicDraw.


NOTE: MagicRQ support Windows only.

To complete integration process, follow these steps:
(For IBM/Rational RequisitePro)

  1. Open the IBM/Rational RequisitePro application. From the Tools main menu, choose Adds in.
  2. In the opened Add-in dialog box, click the Add button and browse for the magicrq-14_0.mnu file in the <MagicDraw home>\plugins\com.nomagic.magicdraw.plugins.impl.magicrq directory.
  3. In the Name text box, type plugin name MagicRQ and click OK.
  4. Restart the IBM/Rational RequisitePro application to activate the MagicRQ plugin.

(For Telelogic DOORS)

  1. Go to MagicRQ -> Options in the MagicDraw menu
  2. Select Telelogic DOORS in the Default Requirement Tool in General Tab
  3. Select the DOORS Install Location, (eg:C:\Program Files\Telelogic\DOORS_ET)
  4. Select the DOORS Version that you installed. 8.0 is selected by default
  5. Click Apply to apply the changes and click OK
  6. Restart your computer to activate the MagicRQ plugin.

Supported DOORS Version

MagicRQ14.0 sp2 supports DOORS 8.0.
In order to integrate with DOORS, you must define DOORS Install Path and Version from the MagicRQ Option, General Tab

NOTE: MagicRQ14.0 sp2 should work with DOORS 8.1 and 8.2 however it is the untested features and for technology preview only.

Issue Resolved with MagicRQ 14.0 sp2

Remove cmdow.exe: Some anti-virus softwares would consider the file as a malware.

Limitation of MagicRQ 14.0 sp2

Limitation of MagicRQ in MagicDraw

Undo/Redo for MagicRQ association is not supported If user creates an association and deletes the association, when user attempts to undo the deletion, magicrq can't recover the deleted association.
Missing "Orphan" association in View When deleting an element that has an association. The status changes to "Orphan". But we can't see this association in view and report in MD Side because the hyperlink has been removed.
SysML plugin must be loaded in order to create SysML requirement or SysML Requirement Diagram SysML plugin is necessary to create SysML Requirement or SysML Requirement Diagram from the Requirement Tool.
MagicRQ works with the last opened MagicDraw Application if there is more than one MagicDraw running. MagicRQ functions work with the last opened MagicDraw application if there is more than one MagicDraw Applications running.
Open association When user opens an association to DOORS or RequisitePro, its application window will not automatically pop up

Limitation of MagicRQ integrate with RequisitePro

Missing Path Variable When the user migrates associations from a previous version of MagicRQ, the path variable is not created.
Missing attributes when create element or data synchronize Some of the RequisitePro attributes fail to copy to the element when creating element or data synchronization.
Connection fails if the dialog is opened MagicRQ can not connect to RequisitePro if the dialog is opened in RequisitePro application. All the dialogs from RequisitePro application must close in order to create connection from MagicRQ.

Limitation of MagicRQ integrate with DOORS

Operation Failed during process due to Invalid DOORS Access Rights "Operation Failed" dialog will appear when creating requirement or synchronizing because the requirement is not allowed to be UPDATED

Finding Out More

Web page

To download the demo of this version and to get contact information, please go to:

E-mail - for questions about product installation, features, questions like "How do I...", and suggestions. - questions regarding academic and site discounts, delivery, customer profile, invoices and related issues. - email for other contacts

We are awaiting your comments and suggestions. More than half of the features of the current version were added because our demo version users have requested them. Do not miss the chance to see your desired features in future versions!

Bug Reports

Your bug reports are welcome at These reports allow us to fix bugs as soon as possible and release known-bug-free maintenance releases. While sending the bug report, please, include (if applicable):

  • MagicDraw UML version number and the name of the edition (Standard, Enterprise, Professional Java, Professional C++, Professional C#, Demo, or Academic).

  • Source where you got the version from (demo CD or our homepage download).

  • Your OS name and version.

  • JDK version and JVM vendor.

For information about your JVM and OS, see the Info tab in About dialog from the MagicDraw UML Help menu. If you have a file that MagicDraw is not able to load and it is not a confidential one, please, attach it as well. This would help us to analyze the problem.

Bugs can be submitted directly from the MagicDraw application - Help->Submit a Bug.